[News] VMA Breakdown

Posted: August 29, 2011 in News

Best Overall Performance: Chris Brown (performance of the year!!!)

Best Sounding Performance: Adele 

Stole the Show: Beyonce and Jay-Z having a child

Here are my comments and what I believe the VMAs have become.  Many of my friends and such hate the VMAs and they are entitled to their opinion.  However, they are also entitled to a power button or the access of plenty of other channels.  As we all know it the actual awards have been watered down a bit and to MTV’s credit there is no way they can compete with the Academy Awards so MTV has other ways of appealing to the audience.  Every year something BIG happens at the VMAs, weather it is a controversial, heroic, or a great tribute, it will happen at the MTV awards.  The only greater stage in America to do something amazing or great has to be the Super Bowl (and Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson took advantage of that).  The awards are controversial and are always debatable, but no one can deny that the best place to put on a great performance besides the Super Bowl is the VMAs.




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