[HIP HOP] Lil Wayne – I Like The View / Carter IV Review

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Hip Hop

This song has got me completely frustrated with Lil Wayne. I should probably be more frustrated with whoever decided to choose the tracks to be put on his newest release Tha Carter IV, but I don’t know that person. So I pretty much have no choice but to be frustrated with Weezy. The album was ALRIGHT I guess, but once I heard Carter IV bonus track “I Like The View” I couldn’t help but wonder how it didn’t make the album’s final cut. It’s easily better than half of the songs on the album both production-wise and lyrically. More importantly, it has the energy that everyone greatly admired of earlier Weezy. Listen for yourself and I think you’ll probably have the same reaction; scratching your head asking yourself, “WTF Wayne?”

I agree with some of this.  The album wasn’t really as well rounded as I expected.  I think Wayne’s style is fading a little and he might need to fade into the background like Jay-Z and Eminem did for a couple of years.  Em and J stayed in the back of everyone’s heads but didn’t beat their style and swag as if it was dead, like Weezy currently doing.  He almost loves making music too much and I understand why the album is so different because he feels like it will get old.  I just remember J and Em being gone from music, and I was like damn I miss their style and swag.  Then, a couple months later they dropped a bomb and killed it again!  Hope Wayne can do the same because he still has it like in this song!

Lil Wayne :: I Like The View

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