[Dubstep Remix] A Milli ft. Mt. Eden

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Dubstep

Wow my mind is officially blown, and the speakers in my car are soon to follow… After listening their A milli remix listed below I was amazed and had to check out Mt. Eden for myself. I originally was thinking that the track was just great artist in Lil Wayne that made it so good.  To my amazement it wasn’t,  Mt. Eden has some killer bass mixed with a really original set of vocals and beats.  Do not get fooled by the titles some of the remixes are the songs you would expect.  This artist from New Zealand really had his stuff together and I am shocked he isn’t bigger.  After listing once I am hooked!  Hear are some reviews of the tracks below!  There will be plenty more reviews of them to come because all their songs sound so different from each other.

A Milli (dubstep remis) – Mt. Eden  (original and so catchy that it lead me to inquire more about Mt. Eden)

Sierre Leone – Mt. Eden (crazy set of bass lines an beats over unfamiliar vocals, it has a great feel)

Hide and Seek – Mt. Eden (Imogen Heap’s vocals with a faster beat and of course crazy bass lines)

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