[Hip-Hop/R&B] Timeflies – 2011, Tuesday, Look for them in 2012!!

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Electronic, Hip Hop, Mixtape, R&B, Rap
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Alright, your view of this post should not stop at reading this and watching this video!  I really enjoy this great duo known as “Timeflies” and you might want to look out for them in 2012.  Check out the links below to see their website, get their album “The Scotch Tape“, and suscribe to their Timeflies Tuesdays on youtube.com.  This is a duo features two guys, Cal and Rez, out of the New York, New Jersey, Boston area.  This band doesn’t have a genre and makes all their own beats and lyrics.  These two young kids prove that hard work and striving for what you want to do in life is possible even when graduating and stepping into the real world can be daunting and can intimidate you into the normal 9-5 or making millions as a businessmen or lawyer.  All those dreamers out their, strive to live your dreams because Cal and Rez are perfect examples of this!

Timeflies Website

Itunes “The Scotch Tape”        Amazon “The Scotch Tape”

Timeflies Tuesdays

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