[News] Artist to Look Out for in 2012

Posted: March 28, 2012 in News, R&B
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Frank Ocean –  This R&B artist has a unique chill style and I would compare him to Drake when he sings.  He really doesn’t overpower you with his voice but is soft and subtle to get his point across.  He also will be opening for Coldplay this summer.  Check out his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra for a preview!

Bei Maejor – This producer turned singer/R&B artist has released one single and four mixtapes.  His single and most popular song to date is titled, “Touble” and features J. Cole.  To his credit he knows what good music sounds like already being nominated for a grammy for his production with Trey Songz.  Bei has produced and written for these other major artists like Ciara, Sean Kingston, T-Pain, Lloyd, Drake, Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo, and Wiz Khalifa.

A$AP Rocky – This guy reminds me a lot like a young Lil Wayne.  He is raw and will bring you a top of the line swag like Wayne.  Check it out for yourself here “Purple Swag” and here “Peso“.  A$AP will be dropping his first album in July of this year titled LongLiveA$AP. FYI ASAP = Always Strive and Prosper

Azealia Banks – We already posted about this artist once but we had to include her in this list!  After killing it with over 7 million views on her “212 video on youtube she is poised and ready to explode on the scene.  This artists isn’t afraid of anything and it shows when she admitted  to being openly bisexual.  Her funky crazy style will energize her fans as she continues to grow!

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