[Alternative Rock] John Mayer – Walt Graces’s Submarine Test, January 1967

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Alternative Rock, Rock
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I am going to interpret this song in the place of myself for you, which I usually don’t like to do.  It is going to be pretty deep so if you don’t like it there is a little red X in the top right corner (mac users in the left).  This song gives me the same feeling I had when I drive to my triathlons, or when I drove to college for the first time alone, or to my first job after college.  John Mayer did an amazing job of giving me a feeling of self achievement.  Especially in the verse “For once in his life it was quiet” in those moments I stated above, it was like nothing else mattered it was all focus on myself and the task at hand like Walt in the song.  The song “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967” gives me the feeling of anticipation that I am going to accomplish something today.  I rarely feel that but strive to find that feeling everyday of my life.  I also want to be a story that people tell like at the end of this song.  I want people, when they relax, and sit down with family and friends to tell stories about me and the times I have had just like I tell stories about my greatest friends and family.  I don’t know about you but I listen to music to get different feelings out of songs, I encourage you to do the same and interpret songs the way YOU hear them because no one else can hear them the way YOU do.

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