[Rock] Elderly Women Behind the Counter – Pearl Jam

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Alternative Rock, Rock, Rock & Roll
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I caught this song on the wonderful music app known as Pandora.  Pearl Jam is a great band that has a variety of hard to softer alternative rock songs.  This song captures a lot of feelings and is originally about a small town girl who doesn’t recognize a gentlemen and after a while she realizes who it really is and is too embarrassed to say hello.  WARNING: If you don’t like deep shit stop reading! This song reminds me of that feeling you get when you randomly run into someone you haven’t seen in forever.  I think that feeling hurts and helps people get over relationships.  If the relationship went well the possibility of that feeling gives you closer because you know when you see them again you will get that feeling.  If the relationship went bad it doesn’t allow you to get that closer and makes you nervous because you have no idea how you both will react when/if you run into that person again.

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