[Hip-Hop/Electronic] Glad You Came – Timeflies

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Dance, Electro House, Electronic, Hip Hop, House, Mash-Up, R&B
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Check out this up and coming group.  I love the hilarious song with a great mix by Rez and some killer lyrics from Cal.  Enjoy!

Favorite part is at about the 3 min mark (should I dare say Drake like?):

I’m in the club, like who’s she?
She caught my stare, like who me?
Her name tag says Kristen
But across that ass it says juicy
She sees the whip it got two seats
She dreamin’ all about Gucci
And she lickin’ me like a lollipop
Must be listening to that Tunechi
Lookin’ like she like it rough
And swears she not a groupie
She a hostess baby that’s the stuff
Now we kickin’ it like Bruce Lee
She dove in, head first
Said I’m greatness like 2-3
Said she used to get those straight A’s
Till’ I gave her all that smooth D


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