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Walk Off The Earth

Here is a cool little twist on Gotye’s – Somebody That I Used to Know.

phil Phillips

Many know this artist, Phillip Phillips, for his funny name or winning American Idol in 2012.  Many who don’t watch American Idol or want to prejudge Phil because of the whole “American Idol” image should take a step back and listen to his album “The World From The Side of The Moon”.  It is in my top ten of 2012 and many people don’t realize that during the show Phil had kidney stones and had 8 procedures.  He choose to keep them a secret because he didn’t want to win because of this, he wanted to win fair and square. Enjoy!

Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth looks like a fun group.  They are out of Ontario, Canada and check out their cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” below, one guitar and five people!

2am clubA good response to Carly Rae Jepsen, “I’m just too Fucked up to Call” Shout out to my girl in Highland for the track!

Long overdue post here.  Phillip Phillips is the American Idol 11 Winner, Congrats, but no congrats because we want you to continue to succeed.  You have a unique talent and you just fell asleep because the dream has just begun.  Check out Phillip’s studio version of Home here and the live one below.  Also check out the single “Home” on itunes or amazon.  Good luck with surgery and get into the game with a bang Phil!


If you are looking for a younger and up and coming artist that has a unique style I would highly consider looking up Ed Sheeran.  The only artist that is somewhat similar to Jack Johnson, maybe.  Ed seems to know what he is doing and has a niche in music and perfects it!  Sheeran and “Lego House” is big in other countries but the U.S. needs to look out for him!  Yes this is Ron Wheasley or Rubery Grint from Harry Potter in the video but if you watch the whole video the actual artist Ed Sheeran shows himself and they do look pretty similar.  Quite a humorous trick if you ask us.


Here is Timeflies this past Tuesday on their weekly youtube spot.  Check out the video above for an acoustic version of their hit “Until the Sunrise” off of their album The Scotch Tape.  If you haven’t heard it you might want to get on that.  The ladies love these guys.