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Hippie Sabotage

Sorry it has been a while but check out this new jam that I am addicted to.  I think I like Stay High because it is so versatile and can be played during a workout, while climbing at the gym, or just rocking out on a road trip.  Enjoy and sorry it has been a while since the last post!



Watch it live here!

Check out the lineup here

If you love music you have to get to one of these!!!!

After hearing this today I though I would share.  “You Matter” by Peachcake is a little different and not like our usual posts but, here is a little background on this unknown group out of Arizona.  Stefan, Mike, David, and Archie know how to collaborate to create some energetic and creative tracks.  It is so creative they really don’t fall 100% into on genre, they are mainly Indie but they have a house/electronic and pop sound with a little R&B lyrics.  This song is also great because it will fit in many different atmosphere’s from a bar to a pre-game.  Enjoy!

Bluetech is one of my favorite DJ’s out there.  Lately I have been a big fan of songs that build up to a climax and all of the sudden hit you with this groovy beat that you never saw coming. If you know what I’m taking about then you will be digging on this tune. About 3 minutes in you get your first taste of peer ear sweetness. Enjoy