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van morrison

Check out this great old hit that is sure to cheer you up on a rainy day!


Not a bad song and it is very popular right.  I just want to make sure everyone knows the original version that is posted below.  I do have to give props to Darius for using some of the Roberstons from Duck Dynasty in his Music video.

Darius Rucker


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Just another classic Rock and Roll hit that my parents would love.  Everyone can go back to the days when they would get in the car before their parents and find out what their parent were rocking out to, that is if you could beat them before mom or dad changed it!

I love when people like to compare the same old song to a new rendition of one.  Do people even know what kind of balls it takes to try to duplicate the likes of some of these songs?  I know I don’t, I have never and probably will never Karaoke in my life.  I just give credit where credit is due and both of these versions are damn good.

The Original is GREAT!


This one is too!!!




So if you haven’t heard this version it is the ultimate think to song.  Many people have someone in their lives that remind them of this song, me included.  If you haven’t heard “Simple Man” the original by Lynyrd Skynyrd you can find it here.  Many songs can’t and shouldn’t be duplicated but this one was and Shinedown did it’s due  justice and created a great songs as well.  Enjoy!!!


After talking with a few gentlemen at work about music, the classic rock genre was brought up.  I forgot about the discussion until I went to dinner with my parents and my mother wouldn’t stop belting out lyrics to old school rock, like the Beetles, Steve Miller Band, and Tom Petty.  As she was singing I remember the song “Amie” by the Pure Prairie League.  I remember these rock & roll bands and realized that other than some of the Foo Fighters songs the genre is pretty much dead if not it is on it’s death bed.  It is just sad the think that great karaoke songs like these are gone for good.  I will still always have my old school playlist with some of these tunes on it just to rock out whenever I feel like it.

Here is a little list of some songs that I have heard recently but are older…

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake (1982) – Classic Rock at it’s best for yah!

Call Me – Shinedown (2008) – powerful words..translate it however you like everyone has had to make a choice that isn’t their own

The Good Stuff – Kenny Chesney (2002) – The softer side for the ladies, does country have a “bad ass”? just asking?

What it’s Like – Everlast (1998) – A 90’s hit, try and listen to the lyrics and sit make and think about them…


Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers were one of the best live concerts out their during their “good years”.  They still put on a good concert and were great during Super Bowl 42.  Their form of Southern Classic Rock worked well for them throughout the years and provided some great hits.  I would highly recommend checking them out on itunes for individual tracks or even picking up their Greatest Hits album.  They have many great lyrics and great quotes.  From “I’m learning to fly, but I ain’t got wings” to “I’m a bad boy for breaking her heart”.  Lyrics that can relate to almost anyone!

Bob Seger – Night Moves

This track Night Moves is a summer classic, played on almost every cities Classic Rock station, for all those people out there that had those summer crushes and moments at the lake, the pool, the summer job, etc.  Summer love is upon us and time is dwindling till next year.  Bob Seger’s track Night Moves is a slower southern rock & roll song that was released with his Greatest Hits album in 1994 and Night Moves in Oct. 1976.