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BassnectarEnjoy this new head smasher from Bassnectar, be sure to check out his album, Noise vs Beauty, due to out June 24th 2014.



Check out this great violinist Lindsey Stirling as she experiments with a little dubstep.  The video is also pretty bad ass in all those man made ice structures.  You can also check out some of her other music at her website by clicking on the photo above.


Timeflies per

These boys are done touring and back at it every Tuesday.  Check out the Timeflies channel every Tuesday here.



[Dubstep] I am the Doctor – TBA

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Dubstep

Check it!  I don’t know the artist or anything I just know it is from some show on BBC

ASAP & Skrillex

Enjoy, This is my new jam!  I love rolling around listening to this song with my new subs cranked to the max!


A great song but every guy wants a girl to say this to them, just saying.


A great drop if you have the speaker capacity!  As with all my dubstep posts, prepare to have your mind blown.

Korn Skrillex

Wait…yes it does say Rock/Dubstep in the title and it mashes really well.  It is me or is rock the ultimate mash up music, they had Jay-Z and Linken Park with Collision Course , then Jay and Coldplay in Viva La Hova, and now Korn has an album with multiple DJs, The Path of Totality. 



X games commercial, check it!!!!!

I know it is long so if you aren’t a dubstep fan just don’t even play it!  Check out this 42 plus minute freestyle by Bassnectar.  I just wish I had the right speakers to really hear the bass.