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BassnectarEnjoy this new head smasher from Bassnectar, be sure to check out his album, Noise vs Beauty, due to out June 24th 2014.


Hippie Sabotage

Sorry it has been a while but check out this new jam that I am addicted to.  I think I like Stay High because it is so versatile and can be played during a workout, while climbing at the gym, or just rocking out on a road trip.  Enjoy and sorry it has been a while since the last post!




Linkin Park pairs up with Steve Aoki in the single “A Light That Never Comes”.   If there is a band that will withstand the test of time, egos, attitudes, and drugs it will be Linkin Park.  With their ability to pair with other artist as a group like Jay-Z in Collision Course and Steve Aoki with this song and going on solo like Chester Bennington working with Stone Temple Pilots and Mike Shinoda with Fort Minor they can and probably will survive the inevitable breakup curse.  Be sure to check out this song and their explanation of it below.

Check out this interview with Mike of Linkin Park and Steve!

A Great Big World

A simple but very emotional song.  This song makes me ask two questions.  Do we ever stop learning to love? and Do we fall in love with someone or the potential of what they can be in the future?  I leave the answer up to you or feel free to post in the comments below!


This is a great song and at first I couldn’t figure out want draws me to it but it definitely has to be the lyrics.  Specifically “Come on people, we have all seen the signs, we will never get back to to the old school”  and “We’ve come a long way since that day”.  Keep in mind this is just the music and it has nothing to do with the video.

Lyric Video


Wow, my mind is beyond blown with this song!  I honestly can’t remember how I found this hit so while I was on my run yesterday I went with the recently added playlist and this song popped up.  My run turned from a casual jog to damn near dead sprint!  Oh and I replayed it about 4 time.  You can dance to this, you can run to this, you can crank this anywhere at anytime. I don’t even have the words to describe this song so get it however you can and rock it on the stereo, Ipod, or where ever you like!


Bruno Mars is truly a student of music and knows his music history.  Just watch the music video it looks like a Jackson 5 video or something out of the 80s.  Feel free to rock this hybrid disco, funk, soul hit all summer!

Hiatus Kaiyote

When I started this blog with my college roommate back in 2011, we set out to spread as many different types of music and genres to as many people as we can.  This song is a perfect example of what I want to do with this site.  Not everyone is going to like what we post and that is how music goes but I also wanted to give a place where people can go to check out the “underground” or “less popular” songs out there.
There isn’t much out there about this 4 member group.  The verdict is still out on a genre because Hiatus Kaiyote fuses so many different types of music together.  This group out of Melbourne, Australia has a great feel and vibe.  Just like walking down the streets of Detroit the background music has to be an Eminem song, when walking through the streets of Melbourne a Hiatus Kaiyote will be on in the background.  They encompass Melbourne and Melbourne encompasses them.  I would recommend them as a good white noise, thinking, or study playlist.  They are aren’t on itunes so check their album ,Tawk Tomatawk, out here.  I’m done typing so enjoy!


Timeflies per

These boys are done touring and back at it every Tuesday.  Check out the Timeflies channel every Tuesday here.



Afro & Simons