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Michael BubleOnce again Michael does it again with a dying genre next to other genres that talk of chains, strippers, hooking up, dirt roads and drugs.  The combo of a spy like beat goes along great with the rejuvenated freedom that is portrayed by the lyrics.  There aren’t many artist that can put an emotion into a song like Micheal Buble can.

phil Phillips

Many know this artist, Phillip Phillips, for his funny name or winning American Idol in 2012.  Many who don’t watch American Idol or want to prejudge Phil because of the whole “American Idol” image should take a step back and listen to his album “The World From The Side of The Moon”.  It is in my top ten of 2012 and many people don’t realize that during the show Phil had kidney stones and had 8 procedures.  He choose to keep them a secret because he didn’t want to win because of this, he wanted to win fair and square. Enjoy!

JT 20 20

This is my review of Justin Timberlake’s new album The 20/20 Experience.  This album is well put together and will please his usual fans that liked his old solo albums and grab some new fans as well.  You will find a variety of songs including slow songs with good R&B type vocals and JT’s usual faster beats to put those dancing shoe on to.  I also like how JT is showing that he might be evolving a bit as he changes things up on the last four tracks with his Tennessee Kids Orchestra  and even went a little abstract on the last track Blue Ocean Floor.

The 20/20 Experience: itunes and Amazon

Tennessee Kids

Once again Alicia Keys shows why she is the best R&B artist out there.  She is classy, artistic, and of course no one can touch her voice.  In this video “Girl On Fire” Alicia shows off all her talents.  Be sure to check out Alicia’s fifth studio album titled Girl On Fire on Nov. 26th.


New Jip Jop music video!  Like they say on their website, Jip Jop is more that just the fusing of two genres, Jass & Hip-Hop.  It is a concept, a mantra, and a unique, unified sound!  Enough Said!  Check them out on their website…