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TI Diddy & Rick

I usually don’t like Diddy but he seems good on this track.  It helps that Rick Ross goes HAM on the beginning of the track.  Hello Good Morning  does have a dance type feel to is as well.  Be sure to remember the dance in the second video it might show up in something special in the future.

2am clubGotta give it up to one of my friends for showing me this song.  I do hear that 2AM Club and Big Sean had a little twitter beef over who leaked the track.  Well cooler heads have prevailed, whatever that means, but be sure to check out the catchy track and other 2AM Club tracks.


Yes, The Weeknd can pair with someone besides Drake and I would argue that this is one of his better collaborations.  The vocals of The Weeknd with a Juicy J/Three6Mafia beat work out perfectly.

Drake performing

New Drake!
This song is a little less hard and on the softer side probably to draw more women to pick up his album, Nothing Was The Same, that drops on September, 17th.

Kat Dahlia

Check out this clever Rap/R&B/Hip-Hop song with a combo of a hard core beat with even harder lyrics.  It seems to make you become pumped up in a pissed off  way for no reason.  As you can see from this interview, Kat Dahlia is also a down to earth artist who doesn’t mind being compared to the like of Rihanna or Adele.

T.RoneMany people are over the whole synthesizer deal but I still think it can be used sparingly at the appropriate times and T. Rone does this with Hello Love.


Well I thought Game was the only one who was still taking shit, but I have to give it up to Hopsin.  He spits and spits hard!

Mickey Avalon Dirt nasty andre legacy

Sorry but me and the guys I have been working with heard this song the other day.  As a result we are now all making fun of each other coming up with our own “my dick” sayings.  It is pretty fun.


Timeflies per

These boys are done touring and back at it every Tuesday.  Check out the Timeflies channel every Tuesday here.




This is the realist nigga in the game, shout out to my lil sis for showing me this!