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Labrinth & Emeli Sande

Wow a great song!  Wait no, an AMAZING song!  Well, I’m not one to give relationship advice so just listen to the song and generate your own advice.

John Lenged

I enjoy how John Legend can be the classy piano player that sings about real life struggles and love in his peaceful, calm, and classsy music and then convert that same style to be a scandelous artist that gets away with love making songs like this.  Remind anyone of anybody? Can you say Marvin Gaye?


Timeflies per

These boys are done touring and back at it every Tuesday.  Check out the Timeflies channel every Tuesday here.




Talk about having fun in a music video! Reminds me a little bit of my cruise buddies but check out this summer hit!

Drop City Yacht Club

To be completely honest I don’t know what makes this song Drop City or Jeremih.  They have plenty of views on youtube but can they extend their 15 minutes of fame.  I bet a lot of girls love this ish!

Rihanna Future
To me this song is why Future uses a voice enhancer.  I am not saying he is one deminsional if he didn’t but he can do his own thing on his albums in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre and feature on other albums in the  main chorus.  Think of some of the best artists out there today that do this . Similar to Drake ,Ross, and Wayne.
Favorite Line:
Rihanna “Don’t slip, Don’t slip, cause a nigga might push up on it,  Don’t really wanna lose this moment”


Here is an old school hit that I have to thank my mother for.  She would blast this along with many other songs to wake us up almost every Saturday when I was little! I wish the Fugees would get back together, just think if the fugees had a reunion tour. I would go for sure!

Conor Neyo

This youngster is killing it!  I think the ladies will especially love this song. Only knock is it could have a little more bass.


Yep they did it again!  Download on Itunes or Amazon!

JT 20 20

This is my review of Justin Timberlake’s new album The 20/20 Experience.  This album is well put together and will please his usual fans that liked his old solo albums and grab some new fans as well.  You will find a variety of songs including slow songs with good R&B type vocals and JT’s usual faster beats to put those dancing shoe on to.  I also like how JT is showing that he might be evolving a bit as he changes things up on the last four tracks with his Tennessee Kids Orchestra  and even went a little abstract on the last track Blue Ocean Floor.

The 20/20 Experience: itunes and Amazon

Tennessee Kids