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Miley & the Roots & JimmyWhy can’t we all just get along.  Why can’t we just recognize that we all might like attention, we all make mistakes, we all poke fun at each other, and we all can come together and create something amazing just like the combo of these three, Miley, Jimmy, and The Roots.  Check it out below!

It’s been way too long since I’ve written on this thing. About time to get back on my blogging grind.

I’ll kick it off with a new remix from the bass music king Bassnectar. Here he takes his original track with Lupe Fiasco, “Vava Voom”, and turns it into a HUGE 808 banger. Bada bing bada booooom.

I have heard many remixes of this song but I just had to post this one because not only does Childish Gambino go HAM on this track, but Jamie XX is definitely a DJ to look out for in the future and check out his site

I highly recommend this for all those runners, walkers, and bikers out there!  Get this on your workout playlist and prepare to get pumped.  The original “Marry the Night” by Lady Gaga isn’t bad but Afrojack just brought it up to a different level.