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BassnectarEnjoy this new head smasher from Bassnectar, be sure to check out his album, Noise vs Beauty, due to out June 24th 2014.


I know it is long so if you aren’t a dubstep fan just don’t even play it!  Check out this 42 plus minute freestyle by Bassnectar.  I just wish I had the right speakers to really hear the bass.

Check out this head banger from Bassnecter!

Here is your track list for those what want individual songs!

Including stops at Lollapalooza and Los Angles check out Bassnectars fall tour to see if you can make it, I have heard it is a can’t miss event as I will be trying to make it myself!

Full Tour Click Here!

Check out this recently released video, Ugly, which is another great track by Bassnectar off their recent album Vava Voom.

Enjoy what we think is the one of the best songs on the new Bassnectar album “Vava Voom“.  This track featuring Jantsen definitely has the biggest and hardest drop on the album.  I think we like What! so much because it builds and builds and then just drops making your head explode.  I find it a great biking track as well.  Try playing the drop while going up a hill and it seems to make the hill a bit easier.  This song also has a little message to go along with it, which is another great thing about Bassnectar and all his songs and albums.




WOW my mind is blown by Vava Voom!  Thank you to Bassnectar aka Lorin Ashton for trying new things without getting away from your foundation and what you do best!  This album has a good variety of your typical Bassnectar dubstep tracks mixed with some heavier tracks containing rock, hip-hop, and electronic sounds.

Must check out tracks: Ping Pong, Empathy, Ugly (ft. Amp Live), What (ft. Jantsen), Vava Voom (ft. Lupe Fiasco) 

Purchase the tracks straight from his site! HERE or Amazon & itunes

For all those crazy dubstep fans out there!  This isn’t his best but still worth posting about.  Check this new BassnecterUgly” download for free on their webpage!!!!!! Oh and it is featuring someone by the name of Amp Live, no biggie.  Check it out here!

Check out the website and download the mixtape , AMORPHOUS VOL. 7, on Bassnectar‘s facebook page here.  If you have heard of them you know what to expect and if you haven’t heard of them you are missing out.  Bassnectar aka Lorin Ashton out of Santa Cruz, Cali. uses an amazing array of tones and beats to blow your mind!  If you are unsure whether to check out one of their tour stops this spring in the US don’t watch the video below because you will be sure to buy tickets immediately.