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Timeflies per

Timeflies has a great way of mixing up Cal’s lyrics and freestyling ability with Rez’ top of the line beats.  Check it and don’t forget to subscribe to them here!


Great lyrics + great beat + great rhythm + a great message = amazing song!


This is a great song and at first I couldn’t figure out want draws me to it but it definitely has to be the lyrics.  Specifically “Come on people, we have all seen the signs, we will never get back to to the old school”  and “We’ve come a long way since that day”.  Keep in mind this is just the music and it has nothing to do with the video.

Lyric Video

Afro & Simons

Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX

Look out world the 90s bitches are here! Even though this song was released over a year ago this song will rock your world.  It is also a great running or biking track and I find myself randomly giving the finger to no one in particular on my runs because “I Dooon’t Caaare”.  Feel free to check out some of their site by clicking the above photo.

Daft Punk & FarrellCheck out the single from Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories.  Album review to some in the next week!
Check out the new album here.

ASAP & Skrillex

Enjoy, This is my new jam!  I love rolling around listening to this song with my new subs cranked to the max!

Ellie and Calvin

Calvin Harris refuses to fall off, CHECK IT BELOW!!!!  I think my favorite part of the song has to be the electronic tones that Calvin uses they kick in at about the 16 second mark.


A great song but every guy wants a girl to say this to them, just saying.


This video is so enjoyable and paired up with a great song!