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Not a bad song and it is very popular right.  I just want to make sure everyone knows the original version that is posted below.  I do have to give props to Darius for using some of the Roberstons from Duck Dynasty in his Music video.

Darius Rucker


biffy clyro

I hate how rock music seems to be dying.  Rock and Alternative bring other genres for us to spread here at Slightly Raging and I am afraid it won’t be around for long.  Sure you will have bands like this pop up every once in a while but gone with the days of straight new age rock radio stations.  They are bogged down with Indie and Folk music.

Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth looks like a fun group.  They are out of Ontario, Canada and check out their cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” below, one guitar and five people!


Johnny Flynn is a pretty low key English Folk Rocker who has been producing music for the past 6 years. Johnny has something that I think will one day make him a pretty well known musician.  I like to use this site to get out names of people who I think should make it in the music industry. There is so much talent out there an not everyone can be famous. Johnny CD A Larum is one of those CD’s that I can listen to from start to finish and enjoy every song. If you like this Check out Cold Bread  as well, that is my other favorite by him, Enjoy!


If you are looking for a younger and up and coming artist that has a unique style I would highly consider looking up Ed Sheeran.  The only artist that is somewhat similar to Jack Johnson, maybe.  Ed seems to know what he is doing and has a niche in music and perfects it!  Sheeran and “Lego House” is big in other countries but the U.S. needs to look out for him!  Yes this is Ron Wheasley or Rubery Grint from Harry Potter in the video but if you watch the whole video the actual artist Ed Sheeran shows himself and they do look pretty similar.  Quite a humorous trick if you ask us.

[Folk] G.B.A. – Xavier Rudd

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Folk, Indie
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You are a loser until you hear this artist!  Yea I said it!  I too was a loser until I was introduced to this one of a kind musician.  He is arguably one of the most talented artists out there and his name is Xavier Rudd, he might even be the most talented.  Xavier Rudd, plays not one but three instruments during this song, G.B.A., and many of his others.  He uses a stomp box to create a beat, a didgeridoo (Australian Aboriginal instrument), and a 12 string guitar all at the same time!  Oh and he sings.  All this without looping any of it.  I don’t know another artist that could put that all together and sound this good.