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Timeflies per

Timeflies has a great way of mixing up Cal’s lyrics and freestyling ability with Rez’ top of the line beats.  Check it and don’t forget to subscribe to them here!

I know it is long so if you aren’t a dubstep fan just don’t even play it!  Check out this 42 plus minute freestyle by Bassnectar.  I just wish I had the right speakers to really hear the bass.


They need to stop making such good remixes and freestyles because I honestly post too much of Timeflies Tuesday!  The best part of  “Alcohol” is that Cal points to different drinks and uses them in his freestyle.  I don’t know if this is real or not to be honest (maybe they should invite me to chill for a few days so I can see first hand), but you can’t deny how clever the video is.  Undeniable!!!!


Timeflies website