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NickiPharrellNellyCheck out another great song with your typical catchy hook and beat by Pharrell.  Pharrell has that unique style and you can almost always tell when it is a Pharrell beat.  With the additions of great individual artists like Nicki Minaj and Nelly then you have a great catchy song.  I also would like to mention that you have to talk about Pharrell having some of the most swag and style in the game to go along with Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Drake, etc.



Linkin Park pairs up with Steve Aoki in the single “A Light That Never Comes”.   If there is a band that will withstand the test of time, egos, attitudes, and drugs it will be Linkin Park.  With their ability to pair with other artist as a group like Jay-Z in Collision Course and Steve Aoki with this song and going on solo like Chester Bennington working with Stone Temple Pilots and Mike Shinoda with Fort Minor they can and probably will survive the inevitable breakup curse.  Be sure to check out this song and their explanation of it below.

Check out this interview with Mike of Linkin Park and Steve!

Way, way too much swag on this track.  I keep going back and forth on who has the better part.  They both kill it and I love the Nirvana verse.

Jay-Z old school

Well I had to go old school again, if you haven’t noticed I am trying to mix it up with old school, new school, hip-hop, country, pop, rock & roll, etc.  Jay-Z is hands down the best rapper in history in my eyes.  He is arguably the best with Tupac and Biggie at lyrics, beats, and every other category but he goes above and beyond in longevity.  Many argue that, that isn’t B.I.G. and Tupac’s fault but I am just stating facts.

Korn Skrillex

Wait…yes it does say Rock/Dubstep in the title and it mashes really well.  It is me or is rock the ultimate mash up music, they had Jay-Z and Linken Park with Collision Course , then Jay and Coldplay in Viva La Hova, and now Korn has an album with multiple DJs, The Path of Totality. 


HE IS BACK!!!!!!! here is the letter!


This is a little remix or interpretation by Dante Smith aka Mos Def or Yasin Bey of Jay-Z and Kayne’s “N***** in Paris”.  Leave it to Mos Def to provide some insightful thought on a highly popular song.  We have seen many things on Facebook and Twitter about how music is moving away from song with meaningful lyrics to lyrics aiming to sell the most records and make the money.  Eminem said it best in his track “Syllables“.  In this song Em says “It is not about lyrics anymore, its about a hot beat and a catchy hook”.  That is very true if you look at most of the music out today, but people can also argue that the beats and hooks are the most creative they have ever been.  Who knows for sure? Enjoy the video and check out Eminem’s “Syllables” here which is actually a pretty under rated song.