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Sam and Mike

Check out this little hit with the collabo of Sam and Mike.



Check out Hoodie Allen on this catchy college “white” hip-hop track, No Interruption.  A pretty crazy video that everyone would like to be in!  I would also like to give a little shout out to Asher Roth who really started the whole big city white rapping trend.  Think about these other’s who followed in Asher’s foot steps, Sammie Adams, Mac Miller, and to some extent Mike Posner. 

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Sorry Slightly Raging has been suckered into the Bieber Fever!  Not really but Justin Bieber‘s new single really isn’t all that bad.  “Boyfriend” along with his new album “Believe” that is set to be released in Summer of 2012 are backed and supported by many top artist out there today.  Justin writes a song along with Taylor Swift and Mike Posner.  Justin also performs this single, “Boyfriend” that is produced by Mike Posner and we all know that Usher will always help out J. Biebs.

Download “Boyfriend” below