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Miley & the Roots & JimmyWhy can’t we all just get along.  Why can’t we just recognize that we all might like attention, we all make mistakes, we all poke fun at each other, and we all can come together and create something amazing just like the combo of these three, Miley, Jimmy, and The Roots.  Check it out below!

Miley Cyrus
All I am going to say about Miley and the drama is that she is going to make her mistakes just like every other person her age, the difference is that she is not under the same magnification as everyone else, and I hope she will learn from this as long as the media lets her.  Now about the music,  this song really shows off Miley’s talent and using her voice to make hits.  One of my favorites from Miley in a while, this could also be a good running/workout song.