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van morrison

Check out this great old hit that is sure to cheer you up on a rainy day!



Linkin Park pairs up with Steve Aoki in the single “A Light That Never Comes”.   If there is a band that will withstand the test of time, egos, attitudes, and drugs it will be Linkin Park.  With their ability to pair with other artist as a group like Jay-Z in Collision Course and Steve Aoki with this song and going on solo like Chester Bennington working with Stone Temple Pilots and Mike Shinoda with Fort Minor they can and probably will survive the inevitable breakup curse.  Be sure to check out this song and their explanation of it below.

Check out this interview with Mike of Linkin Park and Steve!


Jimi still might be the best guitarist of all time even.  He admits that he couldn’t read music he would just jam out and repeat his style.  Everytime I hear a Hendrix song, I wonder if Rock & Roll would be more alive today.  One of my favorite verses in rock is “Excuse me while I kiss the sky”.



Avril is back!  I like the song, but I can’t help but let it bring me back to the 90s and the other punk rock we used to rock out to in middle and high school.

Ok, there is some weird history to this song so lets see if you can follow.  I originally thought the song was written by Matt Nathanson and was in the American Pie movies.  I was wrong the song was made in 1993 by a band named James, the first of  the videos below.  However Matt Nathanson did provide a cover in American Wedding and for the first time the James version was included in the American Reunion movie.

phil Phillips

Many know this artist, Phillip Phillips, for his funny name or winning American Idol in 2012.  Many who don’t watch American Idol or want to prejudge Phil because of the whole “American Idol” image should take a step back and listen to his album “The World From The Side of The Moon”.  It is in my top ten of 2012 and many people don’t realize that during the show Phil had kidney stones and had 8 procedures.  He choose to keep them a secret because he didn’t want to win because of this, he wanted to win fair and square. Enjoy!

biffy clyro

I hate how rock music seems to be dying.  Rock and Alternative bring other genres for us to spread here at Slightly Raging and I am afraid it won’t be around for long.  Sure you will have bands like this pop up every once in a while but gone with the days of straight new age rock radio stations.  They are bogged down with Indie and Folk music.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Just another classic Rock and Roll hit that my parents would love.  Everyone can go back to the days when they would get in the car before their parents and find out what their parent were rocking out to, that is if you could beat them before mom or dad changed it!

Epicurean Charitable Foundation Celebrates 11th Annual M.E.N.U.S. Event With Counting Crows at M Resort In Las Vegas

First nice warm day of the year so I’m giving you a top back or windows down song to rock out to!

Korn Skrillex

Wait…yes it does say Rock/Dubstep in the title and it mashes really well.  It is me or is rock the ultimate mash up music, they had Jay-Z and Linken Park with Collision Course , then Jay and Coldplay in Viva La Hova, and now Korn has an album with multiple DJs, The Path of Totality.