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Linkin Park pairs up with Steve Aoki in the single “A Light That Never Comes”.   If there is a band that will withstand the test of time, egos, attitudes, and drugs it will be Linkin Park.  With their ability to pair with other artist as a group like Jay-Z in Collision Course and Steve Aoki with this song and going on solo like Chester Bennington working with Stone Temple Pilots and Mike Shinoda with Fort Minor they can and probably will survive the inevitable breakup curse.  Be sure to check out this song and their explanation of it below.

Check out this interview with Mike of Linkin Park and Steve!

Wow, while you have artists in the hip hop game cough cough Chris Brown cough cough going after the likes of Drake.  Many other musicians out there can coexist peacefully and make some amazing music.  Steve Aoki and Afrojack show us an example of this.  I mean look at how much fun they are having in the ever present and emerging electro/dubstep/house genre that is becoming huge world wide!  Check out No Beef now!

Here are this month’s (March) top workout songs with the beats per minute (BPM), and a work out ranking by slightly raging on a scale of 1-3 (1 =bad, 2=fair, 3=good):

3. Lady Gaga – Marry The Night (Afrojack Remix) – 132 BPM

2. Allstar Weekend – Dance Forever – 125 BPM

2. Rihanna – You Da One (Almighty Radio Remix) – 129 BPM

3. Breathe Carolina – Blackout (Wideboys Remix) – 128 BPM

3. Flo Rida & Sia – Wild Ones – 129 BPM

1. Fun & Janelle Monae – We Are Young – 92 BPM

2. Snow Patrol – Called Out In The Dark – 121 BPM

3. Steve Aoki & River Cuomo – Earthequakey People – 128 BPM

2. Madonna, Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. – Give Me All Your Luvin’ – 147 BPM

3. The Wanted – Glad You Came – 127 BPM

I want to give a special thanks to Chris at, he is the one who gives me these songs and be sure to enter your email address to receive monthly workout song updates!


Another great dubstep song by Steve Aoki.  If you like Steve’s other music you will enjoy this drop, “Ohh”, off of his album Wonderland.  A great song to run or workout to.


Check out this dubstep song by Steve Aoki.  Steve does an amazing job of combining two well known artists, Kid Cudi & Travis Barker.  The track Cudi the Kid really brings out the best in dubstep with a catchy hook and then drops the beat.  If you haven’t had the chance to get to a club or show with dubstep, I strongly suggest because it will blow your mind.  You just can’t capture the same bass at home.  Be sure to check out his album, Wonderland, that he dropped in January.

Steve Aoki “Wonderland” Album – itunes, amazon