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Yes, The Weeknd can pair with someone besides Drake and I would argue that this is one of his better collaborations.  The vocals of The Weeknd with a Juicy J/Three6Mafia beat work out perfectly.

Drake & The Weeknd

For those that still don’t know but when anyone says O.V.O. it is aka Drake and The Weeknd is X.O. and check out their new track.

Grab your man or girl and start making some babies!


Check it!!!

Tyga – Bitch I’m the Shit  (An old school down right dirty mixtape that is all sex with some great beats.  Be sure to check out these tracks: Heisman Pt. 2 and Bad Bitches)

The Weeknd (aka OX) – Echoes of Silence (A classic chill mixtape that calms and speaks the truth.  Be sure to check out these tracks: The Fall, Next, and D.D.)

Jay Sean – The Mistress (Another great R&B mixtape to go along with Echoes of Silence, this has more of you traditional R&B with simple beats and more focus on the lyrics.  Be sure to check out these tracks: Sex 101, Waiting in Vain, and The Mistress)

Fabulous – There is No Competition: Death comes in 3s (Not the greatest and the worst of the three but has a few good tracks: Death in the Family, and B.E.T.)

Ace Hood – The Statement 2 (So good I even went and got the original “The Statement”, new style with new flow, swag, and beats.  Check out the whole tape!)