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Timeflies per

Timeflies has a great way of mixing up Cal’s lyrics and freestyling ability with Rez’ top of the line beats.  Check it and don’t forget to subscribe to them here!


Timeflies per

These boys are done touring and back at it every Tuesday.  Check out the Timeflies channel every Tuesday here.




Yep they did it again!  Download on Itunes or Amazon!

Check out this up and coming group.  I love the hilarious song with a great mix by Rez and some killer lyrics from Cal.  Enjoy!

Favorite part is at about the 3 min mark (should I dare say Drake like?):

I’m in the club, like who’s she?
She caught my stare, like who me?
Her name tag says Kristen
But across that ass it says juicy
She sees the whip it got two seats
She dreamin’ all about Gucci
And she lickin’ me like a lollipop
Must be listening to that Tunechi
Lookin’ like she like it rough
And swears she not a groupie
She a hostess baby that’s the stuff
Now we kickin’ it like Bruce Lee
She dove in, head first
Said I’m greatness like 2-3
Said she used to get those straight A’s
Till’ I gave her all that smooth D


Every time I try to stay away from posting about these guys, Timeflies, they go out and drop something that is worth posting aka their new mixtape Under The Influence download here.  Both of these artist Cal and Rez, are original, thoughtful, and versatile with their beats, rhymes, and videos.  Hope you enjoy this as much as Slightly Raging does.


Download it here.

Check out the original here, then check out the video below!  Timeflies shows exactly why music doesn’t always need to be complicated and that simplicity can go a long way in music!  Someone needs to go to wikipedia and add reggae under Timeflies genres of music.  Is there a genres they can’t touch or sound good with.  “FUCKIN’ TWO BAD BITCHES AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!”

Another great track by Timeflies!  Everyone remember’s school and the bomb ass times that people had.  From hangovers to dancing your ass of at the club/bars.  Some of the best 4, 5 or even 6 years of peoples lives are said to be spent at college.  In this track, Never Grow Up, it captures the pain of growing up while reminding you to hold on to that fun side that everyone has in them.  You also can’t forget about Mike Stud and Loggy on this track as well.  Enjoy!

Here is a little shout out to all those out there taking and studying for finals!!  Remember like Cal says”and you know that every things gonna be alright because you know that after these test we gonna party all night!  

Happy Summer to many! and welcome to the real world for all the others!

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE POSTS WHERE WE NEED COMMENTS! All right here is a little match up for you? I honestly don’t know which song is better.  I really like both songs but here is how we broke it down:

Beat/rhythm:  Timeflies

Lyrics: Tie 

Vocals: Timeflies

Video: Hoodie

Overall Sound: Hoodie

(1 Point awarded for the 1st four categories and 2 to the last Timeflies:2.5   Hoodie:3)

Do we need to add more categories for example No Interruption is on an actual  album and All Night isn’t, etc…???




Sorry I had to post about the song that is taking college girls by storm! The original “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen is pretty good but of course Timeflies had to one up her!  Check out the remixed version below and tell me what you think, would you rock out to it in the club, male or female?  This is crazy but follow me, maybe? @slightlyraging