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Heard this song at the rock climbing gym and I had to go over and ask what track it was. Hope you like this old school swing track as much as me.  Enjoy!

Michael BubleOnce again Michael does it again with a dying genre next to other genres that talk of chains, strippers, hooking up, dirt roads and drugs.  The combo of a spy like beat goes along great with the rejuvenated freedom that is portrayed by the lyrics.  There aren’t many artist that can put an emotion into a song like Micheal Buble can.


Check out this great violinist Lindsey Stirling as she experiments with a little dubstep.  The video is also pretty bad ass in all those man made ice structures.  You can also check out some of her other music at her website by clicking on the photo above.

John Lenged

Get it now before Shazaam and Sound Hound!!!!

I am going with a completely different tone today, as it seems to be a more relaxing Friday for me.  Can Birdy be the new Nora Jones or Adele?  Check out Skinny Love below.  Birdy a Pianist and Vocalist out of the Britain has a beautiful voice that could calm the craziest beast or even the devil himself.  She is after all only 16 and seems as though could only improve and become better as a person and musician.

Yes, this is one of those songs that doesn’t have to be amazing musically, it doesn’t have to have the best lyrics or even the best beat.  This is one of those songs that could completely suck but the message behind it says it all (By the way none of the above apply).  This is one of the most magical songs out there, encompassing music from all different walks of life from the big opera house in Sydney to the jungles of South America.  Think of what Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber had to go through.  They went to different countries of foreign languages, taught different tribes/peoples verses and tones with native instruments they may have never heard or learned before.  To me this track is a perfect example of how countries all around the world can all Sing” in harmony regardless of culture or language barriers.


Play a little diddy. This is something I like to mess around with sometimes. Take a real easy song that I already know and just change it around a little bit. Lots of bands copy older songs and make them there own and that’s pretty much what I did right here. The song is “Greensleeves”.